108 names of durga pdf download

108 names of durga pdf download

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Om shobhaayai namah. Om durgaayai namah. Om dhaatryai namah! Om maata. Om aaryaayai namah. Om bhaaratyai namah. Om trisvaraayai namah. Om lalitaayai namah! Om prabhaayai namah. Om sumukhyai namah.

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108 names of durga pdf download Om padmaavatyai namah. Om mridaanyai namah. Om vaishhnavyai namah. Om girijaayai namah. Om shivaayai namah. Om kamalapriyaayai namah.
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Drive for desktop Om charchaayai namah. You might also like. Om salajjaayai namah. Ish says:. Om vishaalaaxyai namah.
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Hence, devotees chant the names of Durga during Navratri seeking blessings from her! Source in Navratri, entertainment and lifestyle, people worship nine forms of Maa Durga.

Nine days showcases nine forms of Durga and has a colour attached to it. She has hundreds of manifestations and all are venerated by devotees wholeheartedly. People in different states celebrate the festival in various ways on the nine days.

In her warrior form, the Hindu Goddess of War. The names appear in the Purana named Devi Mahatmyam or Devi Mahatmya that narrates Durga's battle with demon king Mahishasura 108 names of durga pdf download eventually her win.

Trending Topics. City Petrol Diesel New Delhi Currency Price Change. It is believed that the scriptures were composed around CE in Sanskrit by ancient sage Markandeya.

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